What is the Wheel of Life tarot reading?

For a long time, the Wheel of Life was the only type of tarot reading I offered. Why did I choose this particular spread? Fair question! To put it simply, the Wheel of Life is my favorite reading to do, both for myself and for other people.

tarot cards set out in a circle on a floral cloth
The card layout from your free Wheel of Life reading. Want to know what it means? Join my Moon Crew to access the full writeup!

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What is the Wheel of Life tarot spread?

The Wheel of Life is a tarot spread that involves 13 cards. It provides a comprehensive overview of the upcoming year in the querent’s life, beginning with the month after the reading occurs. For example, the free reading begins in January of 2022 because I did it in December of 2021.

I lay 12 cards out in a circle and place one card in the center. Each card in the outer circle represents one month, for a total of 12. This spread can happen at any time, not only at the end or beginning of a year! I like to do a Wheel of Life for myself on my birthday in July and again at the beginning of the new year, six months later.

In addition to 12 monthly mini-readings, the cards relate to one another in the circle, providing insight on your finances, relationships, spiritual life, and home and household. They also give a thematic arc of the year.

Where did you learn the Wheel of Life tarot spread?

I didn’t design the Wheel of Life myself! Credit for this beautiful spread goes to the brilliant tarot reader I learned from, Yeshe Matthews. Yeshe owns the Sacred Well shop in Dunsmuir, California, and is a Priestess of the Mt. Shasta Goddess Temple

If a live tarot reading is what you seek, I highly recommend Yeshe’s services. Her readings are powerful, compassionate, and transformative.

However, if you prefer to digest your tarot reading in the privacy of your own comfortable dwelling space, put the kettle on and book an email tarot reading with me!

I’ve been reading tarot for nearly a decade and practicing the Wheel of Life for more than two years.

How can the Wheel of Life tarot spread help me?

The Wheel of Life is an excellent spread for people new to tarot and seasoned pros alike. I’ve done this spread for many first-timers and a few professional tarot readers. In both cases, querents have told me the readings provide eerily accurate insight they can look back on throughout the year.

Check out what some of my querents have to say:

It has felt so supportive in times of frustration or confusion to go back into the reading and remember that i am actually exactly where i am supposed to be.

Cat H. Bradley

Her history and experience as a prolific writer showed in the detailed report of my reading as each word felt deliberate AND, now 8 months out from my annual reading, are proving to be spot on in their accuracy.

Hayley Schmidtke

The best thing about the Wheel of Life is that, unlike most other types of tarot readings, you don’t need to have a question in mind to benefit from it.

Not having to worry about asking a question is especially helpful for email tarot readings because it limits back-and-forth communication that can delay a reading or cause confusion. It’s also great for people who are unfamiliar with the tarot and not sure how to ask an appropriate question. (It takes practice, believe me!)

Where can I get a Wheel of Life tarot reading?

Did reading this article peak your interest in the Wheel of Life? Excellent! You can buy one for yourself in my shop.

Thanks so much for reading!


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