Customer Testimonials

Kristina Cubrilo Santos

I had a tarot reading and an EFT session with Luna, and she was able to guide me into more clarity about combining my strengths that I felt were competing inside myself. Even though I have a spiritual practice and guide others through my work, even healers and entrepreneurs need guidance. As Luna said, the …

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Sarah R.

Luna’s readings are spot-on; it’s uncanny how her reading foresaw my year. Very worth the time and money.

Denise H.

I appreciate Luna’s skill in peeking into my future!! It helps me amplify my awareness each month when I see which card was turned up, and its meaning. This is year 2 of having a reading done by her. It’s an important part of my daily planner. Grateful❤️

Jess M.

I highly recommend Luna Phoxx for your next tarot reading! I was about to hit a milestone birthday and I always find myself seeking guidance during that time. I had my tarot reading with Luna and it truly was the best birthday gift. I smiled the whole time while reading and got confirmation that I …

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Alice S.

I’ve already adapted new routines which allow me to become the person I want to be in retirement: less stress, improved sleep patterns, focused on me and my happiness. For 40+ years,  my life was working; now I am working on living my life to the fullest . The Excavate and Activate program is a …

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Cat H. Bradley

i am so grateful that Luna was my first introduction to tarot. She did an incredible wheel of life reading for me that set me up for the entire year. It has felt so supportive in times of frustration or confusion to go back into the reading and remember that i am actually exactly where i am …

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Hayley Schmidtke

It was a particularly uncertain time in my life when I learned that Luna read Tarot cards. Seeking her help was exactly what helped me not only get unstuck but to find clarity and hope for my future. It was Luna’s presence and curiosity that attracted me to work with her. I felt truly heard, …

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