Yes, the Tarot Really Can Help You Find the Love of Your Life

Here’s how the tarot worked for me.

Love and relationships are among the most common reasons people seek a tarot reading. That’s not incredibly surprising since, according to google, the online dating industry is worth $3 Billion. LOTS of people out there are looking for love. If you’re one of them, an email tarot reading may provide the answer.

Read on for some hot tips on how consulting the tarot helped me find my husband.

Trust the tarot cards when they say he/she/they are just not that into you

When you first start dating someone, the excitement of it all — you know, the happy tingles you feel when they send you a message right as you were thinking of them, the dizziness that strikes when they look in your eyes and smile — can blindside you to some warning signs.

Don’t get me wrong— I love the early phases of a relationship when everything is exciting and new. Until I met my husband, Jason, I used to live for that sh*t. Now, Jason’s taught me that romance doesn’t have to fade over time, so I get to feel those warm fuzzies every day!

we cute

Anyway, the infatuation phase, as I like to call it, can be awesome. But being drunk on love can leave you unable to see a red flag waving in your face.

That’s where the tarot comes in. Tarot cards always tell you the truth, not the sugar-coated version of reality you get from your best friend.

In my own experience, the 3 of Swords has come up more than once to warn me that the person I was totally gaga over was seeing someone else behind my back.

The first time this happened, I thought there must be some mistake. I was way too happy for this to be wrong. So, I didn’t listen to the cards. I stuck it out and learned the hard way, months later, that he was just not that into me.

The second time this card came up in a similar reading, I already had a feeling the dude was messing around with someone else. The card just confirmed it, and, sure enough, I saw him out with another girl a few days after!

Heartbreaking as it can be, I’ve learned to accept the wisdom of the tarot and move on. Ignoring the cards doesn’t prevent the inevitable heartache.

Follow the intuitive nudge of the tarot, because it might lead you to love

The tarot didn’t only help me weed out losers in my life; I used it to guide me to my ultimate love! This one required a huge leap of faith, but it was worth it.

I was very single for about a year before I met Jason. By that, I mean I wasn’t dating, and I spent most of my time alone, running, writing, and roaming throughout the American West with no one but my dog. Basically, I was a gypsy. I also pulled a lot of tarot cards.

One of the most common questions I asked the tarot was, “where should I go next?” When I started thinking about going back to California, The Lovers card started appearing.

And it kept appearing, over and over again, nearly every day. At some point, I became convinced I would fall in love in California. The thing is, I didn’t know who would be there waiting for me. I wasn’t going to reunite with some long-lost love.

But I trusted, and I went.

Lauren and Jason holding hands walking down a road
The Lovers at their farm

Be ready to meet the universe halfway

Three months after I moved back to California, I still hadn’t met anyone. The one person I had a crush on showed no interest, and I was getting fed up.

So, instead of jumping ship, I put forth a little effort of my own. After all, magic can only take you so far. I signed up for a dating app, which is something I had resisted for years. But, I’m so glad I did, because Jason was the first date I went on! I deleted the app right after 😉

I’ll never forget our third “date” (I put the word date in quotes because it was a weekend road trip up the Oregon coast). We were loading up on supplies in town when Jason parked the van and ran out to the ATM. I stayed in the passenger seat with the window open, and he walked by my side to kiss me before getting into the driver’s seat. Then, a lady neither of us knew walked up to the van just to tell us how cute we were!

I felt like a walking, breathing rom-com. That’s never happened to me before! I’ve also never in my life had The Lovers appear so often, and it hasn’t again since that time.

crop person with tarot card
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If you’re wondering what’s in store for your love life, finances, and spiritual path over the next year The Wheel of Life email tarot reading can help!

Thanks for reading!

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