How to Make a Flower Crown With Real Wildflowers: an Easy DIY Tutorial

The wheel of the year turns again, and Litha, also called Midsummer, is here! Making a flower crown is a lovely way to honor the goddess while looking cute! Even if you don’t celebrate Pagan sabbats —read my posts about Beltane, Ostara, and Imbolc here — you can make a DIY flower crown to top off your boho-chic look any day of the spring or summer.

Here’s a beginner-friendly* tutorial on how to make your own flower crown using real flowers, and only flowers. My approach doesn’t require additional materials like twine, ribbon, floral wire, or glue. If you’re lucky enough — as I am — to have wildflowers growing around your home then you already have everything you need to make this flower crown! No trip to the store! Can I get a hell yeah for simplicity?

How to Make a Flower Crown With Only Real Flowers

Luna Phoxx wears a Flower crown on a witch's hat
The best part about crafting your own flower crown is that you can make it large enough to fit over your witch’s hat 🙂 Pardon my timestamps as I’m working with a new camera!

Flower crowns are commonly worn to honor Goddess on special occasions like sabbats, weddings, and other joyful celebrations. I wore a much more festive flower crown when I got married, but that one was assembled by a very talented professional florist. These instructions are for a simpler version!

Step 1: Select the Flowers You’re Going to Use for Your Flower Crown

If using wildflowers, make sure you look them up first. Some plants are endangered, so it’s important to leave those be. I used Oxeye Daisies for my flower crown because they’re considered an invasive weed, and I could harvest heavily without worry!

Other good reasons to use daisies include:

  • Daisies are one of my favorite flowers despite being called a “weed”
  • They’re commonly associated with flirtation — who hasn’t played “he loves me, he loves me not”?
  • Daisies are magically associated with love, hope, and innocence
  • The round, yellow center of the daisy reminds me of the sun, which we celebrate on Litha
  • They have long, sturdy stems that work well for twisting into a crown
  • Daisy was the name of my old Dodge Cummins truck (RIP)
I’ll always love you, Daisy

Step 2: Harvest the Flowers, Leaving Several Inches of Stem

You may want to use scissors to clip the stems but I opted to pinch them with my fingers. Leave at least 3-4 inches of stem, and more if you don’t mind the crown being a bit sturdier (and bulkier). I left a good 8-9 inches on mine. You can always trim them later!

Love me some daisies!

Step 3: Start Weaving Your Flower Crown

To begin, hold one flower in your hand and place a second flower just beneath it. Twist the stem of the second flower behind and over the first. Do this at least twice so you create a band of stem with the second flower that crosses over the first. Then, align the two flower stems.

Step 4: Insert More Flowers and Weave, Twist, Repeat

I found that the easiest way to add more flowers was to insert the stem of the next flower through the top of the circular band left by wrapping the one before.

Take the bottom of the stem of your next flower and carefully push it though the top of the band — by “top” I mean the side closest to the most recent flower added to your crown. When the stem is pushed through, gently tug it the rest of the way down. Then, wrap the stem around the others in the bunch, leaving a band for the next flower stem to go through.

Repeat this step until your flower crown reaches the desired length. Bend it around the top of your head periodically so you know how long to make it.

Finishing a flower crown
Tying up your flower crown

Step 5: Finish Your Flower Crown

To finish your flower crown, simply add one last flower and bend the woven row in the shape of a circle. Then, wrap the stem around the opposite end. I tucked the remaining stems into the crown but you can trim them with scissors if you like. I had a pair of scissors with me and didn’t use them the entire time!

Finished daisy flower crown
My finished flower crown

Step 6: Wear Your Flower Crown Like the Radiant Goddess You Are!

I think this step is pretty self-explanatory, don’t you?

Well, friends, that’s all there is to it! Of course, if you fancy, you can add a variety of flowers and pieces of flair to your crown. I thought of adding some orange Fox and Cubs — because Fox = Phoxx, you know? — but found myself delighted by the simplicity of this pure daisy crown.

Now, go and get your flower power on!

The inspiration for this flower crown tutorial came via the lovely Candace at Revenge of Eve. Check out her blog! And if you have any requests for content you’d like to see here, please drop me a line!

Pssssst- if you like the flower power of this post, you may also enjoy reading about how to use flowers to spring clean your home!

*I say this tutorial is good for beginners because I made my first flower crown while creating it 😉

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