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Let’s take a moment of quiet reflection to celebrate World Introvert Day

Until this year, I didn’t even realize there was a day when the world celebrated introverts! According to the National Day Calendar, World Introvert Day has occurred every January 2 since 2011. Why January 2? Because we introverts need time to recharge after the holiday season! It’s perfect!

So, in honor of World Introvert Day, I thought I’d write a post focused on what introversion is, why introverts are awesome, and how you can tell if you’re a member of our fun club of quiet daydreamers.

What does it mean to be an introvert?

Psychology Today defines introversion as a primary personality style characterized by the preference of the inner life of the mind over the external world of other people. Frankly, I couldn’t have said it better myself.

Debunking common misunderstandings about introversion

Introverts don’t fear or dislike other people. On the contrary, we love people! Introverts just don’t talk as much as extroverts do because we’d rather be quietly reflecting on the deep thoughts and imaginative stories that roll through our minds regularly.

People used to call me shy when I was a kid. But shyness and introversion are not the same. Shy people usually want to engage socially but are too afraid, anxious, or self-conscious.

On the other hand, introverts are neurologically wired to prefer solitude. Too much social activity can drain us and make us feel angsty. I remember growing up with an extroverted younger brother and feeling exhausted by his constant chattering and need for external stimulation! I was much happier sitting in my room alone, nestled in my beanbag chair with a Sweet Valley Twins or Babysitter’s Club book.

More recently, I noticed that my introverted friends and I were the ones who thrived when the world shut down for Covid quarantine. All that peace and quiet was just lovely. I started calling myself the Quarantine Queen!

Introversion v extroversion

Extroversion is at the opposite end of the spectrum as introversion. An ambivert is someone who lies in between the two.

Introverts and extroverts can totally get along. In fact, I think my husband is on the extrovert end of the spectrum! It works well for us because he can usually lead a conversation when I feel too tired to talk at parties and social gatherings. Remember when we used to have those?

Why I do tarot readings for introverts

Another commonality introverts share is the preference to communicate in writing instead of speaking. Many writers are introverts, including me! That’s why I specialize in email tarot readings. I like doing tarot readings that introverts can enjoy in the quiet solitude of their own personal space.

What superpowers do introverts have?

There are so many benefits to being an introvert! Sadly, our society celebrates extroversion and often labels introverts as cold, aloof, and awkward. Sometimes, we may be some of those things, but we have plenty of strengths, too!

Introverts are awesome because:

  • We’re deep thinkers and excellent problem solvers
  • We’re creative and compassionate
  • We make great leaders because we think independently and outside-the-box
  • We don’t get bored easily because our mental worlds are so rich and fascinating

Introverts make great friends! We usually have a small number of close friends rather than wide social circles. People who are introverted are also often highly curious, which means we’re awesome listeners and love good conversation (one on one or small groups, please!)

How do I know if I am an introvert?

If you’ve read all the way through and aree still not sure whether you’re an introvert, extrovert, or ambivert, there are plenty of online quizzes that can help you sort it out.

I recommend 16 Personalities, which is a free test based on the Myers-Briggs personality assessment.

I took the 16 Personalities test two or three years ago and shared the results on Facebook, but lost the info when I deleted that account. I’ll probably take it again and share my results here. I do recall that I’m an INFP Myers-Briggs type, and the I stands for introverted!

For more information on what it means to be an introvert, extrovert, or ambivert, I recommend listening to this Self-Helpless episode on the topic:

Learning where you fall on the introversion-extroversion spectrum can help you navigate this wild world with ease and clarity. You may find that you feel like less of a weirdo knowing that there’s a whole “type” of people out there just like you! At least that’s how I’ve felt in the process of learning more about my own personality “quirks.”

I’m interested in hearing from you! Leave a comment to share your thoughts on being an introvert.

Thanks for reading!


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  4. I am so glad to have visited your blog. You are a lovely writer and have captured my attention for at least an hour!!! I am an introvert too, however, I have an extroverted job role. It’s hard to explain. I subscribed and cannot wait for my session with you!!

    1. Hello new friend! Yay! I’m so excited you subscribed and booked a session! Thank you for reading <3 It means the world to me. For some reason, this comment went into my spam folder, but I'm so glad I found it there. I felt the same when I saw your blog, and am looking forward to reading more of your thoughts!

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