An Intuitive Tarot Reading for the Cancer Full Moon January 17

Get ready to celebrate the first Full Moon of 2022 with a tarot reading for the Cancer Full Moon! This particular Full Moon is special to me for many reasons. Cancer is my sun sign, and the Moon is its ruling planet. (Earth’s moon is considered a planet in astrology.)

However, that isn’t the only reason this day is special. Six months ago, starting with the New Moon in Cancer, I began practicing rituals during every New and Full Moon. Using the CHANI app for tips, I would set an altar, meditate, journal, and do other things specific to that lunar cycle.

The intention I set at that Cancer New Moon in July 2021, involved creating a community space to connect with other cosmic babes and share the magic of the moon cycles. And look where we are now! Blogging about the moon cycles at! Psst — if you missed the reading for the New Moon in Capricorn, read it here!

I’m so happy, I shed a tear!

See — the Full Moon in Cancer energy is making my emotions swell like a high tide! Thank you so much for joining me here, you precious jewel. Now, here’s your tarot reading for the Cancer Full Moon that occurs on January 17, 2022.

Questions to ask the tarot for the Cancer Full Moon

Occurring in the watery sign of Cancer, this full moon sheds light on our emotions, intuition, and home and family life. I consulted the tarot to help you make the most of this Full Moon.

A tarot reading for the Cancer Full Moon showing the 2 of Pentacles, 8 of Cups, 7 of Cups, and Page of Swords
Your Cancer Full Moon Tarot Reading

How can I connect with my emotions during this Cancer Full Moon?

2 of Pentacles

Sink into your body. Perhaps some partner yoga? Snuggle your heart out with whoever is willing — grab a fur baby if you’re single! This full moon asks you to remember your feelings are as much a part of your body as your fingers.

Your emotional self feels safe to come out and play when your physical needs are taken care of. Do whatever makes your body feel like the precious little love nugget you are.

What areas of my life need nourishment?

8 of Cups

The 8 of Cups reminds us that this full moon in Cancer occurs during Venus retrograde. Be extra gentle with your heart during this time. If you feel defensive or triggered by things related to love, beauty, or relationships, this is a good time to ask yourself why and then take the appropriate action.

Is seeing photos of ex-lovers on Instagram bringing up all the bad feels? Block them, or delete the app completely. Then write a list of nice things to do for yourself next time you’re tempted to peek at their feed. Pick a favorite or three from this list and carve out some time to do them on the Cancer Full Moon on Monday.

As a water-loving Cancerian, my list would include taking a hot bath with Epsom salts and essential oils. Do what appeals to you, but make sure to hydrate! Water is always important, but especially during a Cancer Full Moon.

What is my intuition trying to tell me right now?

7 of Cups

Decision fatigue is real. Are you feeling overwhelmed? Eliminating or simplifying choices you make regularly might help.

I always think of Steve Jobs and his classic plain black shirt and blue jeans. It’s all he ever wore. Did you ever wonder why? It’s so he didn’t have to use his billion-dollar brain to muster a new outfit every morning. Reducing the number of decisions you make daily keeps your brain sharper for when those brilliant ideas pop up.

What do I need to let go of during the waning moon phase?

Page of Swords

If you’re acting like a perfectionist, you need to cut that sh*t out right now. Perfectionism is far from desirable; it’s actually fear in disguise.

The Page of Swords here tells you just do the damn thing. You don’t need to take another class or do more research. Thank your fear for looking out for you, and kindly ask it to GTFO of your driver’s seat. It’s go time.

I hope you enjoyed that tarot reading for the Cancer Full Moon!


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