three tarot cards lie face-down on a table with a crystal atop each one

A tarot reading for the new moon in Capricorn 2022

Happy (almost) 2022, Moon Crew! I can’t believe it’s New Year’s Eve already! This year starts off with bonus fresh energy due to the new moon happening on January 2. So, to honor this momentous occasion, here’s a tarot reading for the new moon in Capricorn 2022.

Like new years, new moons are great times to set intentions and begin with a clear slate. To learn more about intention-setting rituals for the new year, read my last post about Witchy rituals to wrap up this year and get a head start on the next.

This particular new moon is in the ambitious, goal-crushing, career-oriented sign of Capricorn. But to move forward with Capricorn’s confidence, we can’t be dragging along our fears from past failures.

So, I asked the tarot: How can past failures empower our future endeavors?

Here’s the answer:

three tarot cards lie face-up on the table. The Moon, the 10 of Cups, and the Knight of Wands
Your tarot reading for the new moon in Capricorn 2022

The Moon suggests that illusions are at play here. What you see as failure may actually be a crucial building block in your learning experience. We tend to view failure as a negative thing — a sign that we’re bad at something and maybe should just quit and let the pros handle it instead. In reality, everyone fails.

Think of how many times a toddler falls on their butt before they master walking. Have you ever seen a kid fall down and just be like, “that’s it, I’m never trying this bipedal locomotion thing ever again!” No, and you shouldn’t either.

One of my favorite business coaches, Delanie Fischer, doesn’t even use the word failure in her personal life. Instead, she says she’s “collecting data” when things don’t work out. Have you tried something new recently, only to have it not work out the way you hoped? What if — instead of feeling like you failed at this endeavor — you tell yourself you were just collecting data? After all, now you know exactly what doesn’t work, right? That’s a critical step in finding what does work.

In fact, the 10 of Cups advises celebrating your perceived failures.

Have you ever tried setting a goal centered around failure? For example, I once read an article by a freelance writer who used this trick to help him pitch story ideas to editors. He set a goal of getting 100 rejections from editors he pitched in a certain time period. Making failure the object of the exercise made it a lot less scary to pitch his ideas, and he ended up getting dozens of publications in the process!

The 10 of Cups also advises you to not take work so seriously. Yes, it’s important to have focus, dedication, and drive. But if you don’t take breaks to laugh, relax, and enjoy life, you’re going to burn out.

Speaking of burning, the Knight of Wands is in your corner, pushing you to give it all you’ve got! This knight goes full throttle all the time. The notion of failure doesn’t even cross his mind.

The Knight of Wands makes me think of Gene Wilder as Skip Donahue in the movie Stir Crazy when he says, “I only have one speed. Balls out.”

I only have one speed: balls-out.

The Knight of Wands encourages you to approach life with the confidence and vigor of good ole Skip.

Do you want more insight on what 2022 has in store for you? I offer Wheel of Life tarot readings that forecast the next 12 months.

Thanks for reading and have a safe and happy new year!


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