Hi, I’m Luna Phoxx

intuitive advisor, tarot reader, and writer in the holistic health and wellness realm.

I’m passionate about exploring the intersection of science and magic.

from this liminal space, I help introverts, overachievers, and burnt-out folks find freedom.

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Are you navigating a major transition, planning a goal with no clue where to start, or simply wishing you could wake up to a life that feels out of reach?

Intuitive life coach Luna walking hand in hand with her husband

I know how it feels to want to turn your life around and not know where to begin.

Before I learned to heal, I was severely depressed. I lives in an overweight and always-tired body, and floating aimlessly from one dead-end job or relationship to the next.

Since then, I’ve:

  • Established a successful freelance writing career with bylines in big publications like Outside Magazine
  • Run more than a dozen ultramarathons, and was feature in Ultrarunning Magazine and Women’s Running
  • Married a wonderful partner, and bought our first house
  • Started an intuitive coaching and energy healing business

More than that, I have all the insight, courage, and gratitude I need to continue shaping and refining my life.

If I can go from a two-time college dropout to the ivy league and a hospital bed to an ultramarathon finish line, you can do anything!

Photo by Emily Brianne

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